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Maya Gottfried is the author of the acclaimed children’s books Our Farm: By the Animals of Farm Sanctuary and Good Dog.She has also written for print and online publications ranging from the Huffington Post to Lilith Magazine, often focusing on the topics of veganism and animal rights.He left the Love Island villa less than a week ago.And Dr Marcel will be back to dish out romantic advice as the Love Island star has landed a book deal."An addictive and accessible read." ―Amy Finnerty, The New York Times"Weigel is best when dismantling pop theories through the ages. Fascinating." ―Jenna Wortham, The New York Times Book Review"[A] perceptive and wide-ranging investigation into the history of dating in America." ―Alexandra Schwartz, The New Yorker"The lack of serious conversation about dating has left Weigel with rich territory to explore, and she makes excellent use of it . Maybe it’s time to give notice." ―Sara Eckel, The Washington Post"[Moira Weigel] makes an entirely convincing case that there never was and never will be one static way of dating." ―Willa Paskin, The Guardian"[A] sprightly, gently feminist history . Kline, The Chicago Tribune"An occasionally amusing and often provocative look at the work of wooing . It’s everything, really, that a good date should be." ―The Atlantic"A radical Marxist feminist tract disguised as a salmon-pink self-help book." ―Laurie Penny, The New Statesman"[Moira Weigel's] fresh and often amusing feminist perspective is delightfully interrogative ― and endlessly fascinating." ―Refinery 29"[A] riveting chronicle of courtship in modern America." ―Entertainment Weekly"Weigel successfully crafts a theorization of the 'date' as a longstanding site of morphing relations of reproductive labor. Politically, the way it deftly manages to say hugely important things about power and money that so often get left out of the discourse on love.She brilliantly eviscerates the self-help industry for stoking 'mutual mystification' between the sexes, and unearths intriguing continuities like the way technological advances (including the invention of the automobile) have always led to hand-wringing over the moral bankruptcy of youth . And most of all, it's elegantly written, fun and plain hugely readable." ―Alain de Botton, author of The Course of Love“Moira Weigel’s Labor of Love rescues the subject of dating from its Trojan horse of triviality.As Weigel finds, advances in technology don't necessarily equate with mores: women still serve as the assigned arbiters and police of all things sexual, from holding hands to giving birth.

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Witty, lively, and deftly―refreshingly―attentive to largely untold histories, Labor of Love has constructed a dazzling tour of the public infrastructure of our private lives. [and her] deliciously incisive observations run throughout the book, making it a thoroughly enjoyable read . By commodifying our deepest emotions, Weigel shows how the 'experts' turned dating into a job requiring calculation and deception, but not much love. offer[ing] useful perspectives on dating as both an art and a historical construct." ―Julia M. [A] lively tour of changing romantic mores." ―The Economist"Much juicier than your average history book . Weigel’s book is both intense and lighthearted, by turns easy and surprising, offering momentary delights as well as subtle hints about the future. always show[ing] compellingly that the slippage between romantic and pecuniary matters is altogether nothing new." ―Sophie Lewis, Blindfield Journal"Labor of Love is remarkable at many levels: Formally, with its interweaving of theory, personal anecdote and social history.

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