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11-Oct-2017 03:27

This time, Sam Neill falls in love with a velociraptor!

We had an incredible 2016 at Cascade Game Foundry, adding awesome new gear and VR capabilities to our diving simulation game, Infinite Scuba®, expanding our reach to new audiences, and doing super-cool contract work for our innovative clients, so we wanted to get you up-to-date on our adventures.

, you play as a guy who has just moved to a new neighborhood with his teenage daughter.

Once there, you must interact with all the other dads in your area and build up relationships with them.

The sim takes you through meeting up with your carniverous heartthrob, buying a ukulele, eating grilled chicken in the park, and taking a romantic evening walk.

Though Taira is a big brute who could crush you in his massive jaws, he has a tender side.

Despite the reputation that The Game has gained as an exposé on the seduction community, it was primarily written as an autobiographical work.

The follow-up book, Rules of the Game, relies more on the how-to side.

Naturally, the meat-on-the-bone hair clip is the one to go with. According to the sim, Taira and I have a lot in common. We both play the ukulele (at least I do in real life), though it doesn't get into the specifics of how the necktie-wearing dino manages to play the tiny instrument.

The sim gives you difficult choices to make, like which hair clip to wear before meeting your big lug.

I'm all caught up in Jurassic Heart, an online dating simulator that pairs you up with an extinct beast for a love interest.

Back home in Seattle in May/June, we continued to get rave reviews for our #VR and conventional game at local indie game shows: Power of Play, i Fest, and the Intel Buzz Workshop, where we earned a Runner-Up award.

In July, we road-tripped to the East Coast for business meetings and a speaking engagement.Our travels took us to the annual Game Developer’s Conference in San Francisco CA in March, where we co-presented with Intel.