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19-Aug-2017 12:47

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A young man and a young woman invite their respective 3 or 4 single friends to a group meeting at an agreed location, usually cafe or bar.

Meetings are not at all a serious type of dating – the group may spend the evening playing games, drinking and chatting or going to the karaoke room for singing.

This incident intensified Jiayuan’s more general reputational problems due to lying on its site.

So Jiayuan developed a means for people to verify the claims they make on their profiles.

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This makes South Korea Paktor’s seventh market, alongside Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.The relaunch comes after a period of market research, having opened a new office in Seoul and hiring locally to help refine the product and grow the business.Paktor CTO & co-founder Jing Shen Ng also spent a month in Seoul, conducting over 20 meetups with Koreans at cafes and startup events, in order to gain valuable user insights.Users can provide documents to the site, such as government-issued ID cards and paychecks, to back up their claims.

Those willing to pay additional fees can have an in-person interview that gives a higher verification rating on the site.Online dating site OKCupid has found an inexplicable number of men happen to be exactly six feet tall and there are four times as many people who claim to earn 0,000 per year as there should be.