Dating your ex sister

09-Nov-2017 09:55

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We gave it one last try in January this year but she ended it again and I couldn’t take any more so that was it.She has moved on and has another man in her life now.While we were dating I would see her older sister often.Now this woman would pay more attention to me thn my ex girlfriend and kept me company while my ex bailed to go hang with her church group and just left me at her sister's house.He broke up with Allie and went back out with me (i gladly broke up with Nathan). it didn't end up too well, she got pregnant at 13!! And Austin still apologises for that, but hey, it's fine, I have 6 beautiful children with him and am living my dream, it truly is a miracle! I would never dream of going out with my sister's ex: just because it's my sister's ex for crying out loud! Well, in MY situation, it was 16yrs ago, and they dated (kid shit) for maybe two weeks before she found out he really liked me.Anyhow, THEN Allie just decided that she was soo madly in love with Nathan that she just NEEDED to kiss him, make out with him, etc... She had a wonderful, beautiful baby girl but still, she really did not want to raise a child at 13! I didn't like him back then, and in fact, I am the one who busted him out for flirting with me. If it made my sister uncomfortable I wouldnt do it.

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She could be “talking” to any of my exes and I would feel the same exact way I’m feeling now.Right now I am dating the sister of my ex girlfriend and I have got mixed reactions from people about it.