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The confluence of these two belief systems influences greatly the manner adolescents respond to reproductive health issues and concerns. Adolescents seem to be less anxious in conforming to rigid and traditional ideas about proper conduct and behavior because of wide-ranging activities they can undertake such as schooling, malling, hanging out with friends, surfing the internet, etc. Adolescents are sure of their gender and sexual identity even at an early age.Gays come to terms with their identity upon reaching highschool with help from peers of similar sexual orientation. Self-development of adolescents is influenced significantly by parents, and to a lesser extent, by teachers and school environment. Sex education classes in school are regarded as insignificant, unrealistic and lacking in info about homosexuality. Relationships are commonly entered into in highschool because it seems to be the norm. Chief among the concerns of the youth is sex, which is widely engaged in by peers, with prevalence of drug use.Filipinos have close family ties and always love to talk about their extended family, especially about their children.So a good conversation piece is asking about their family – which region or province they come from, whether they have children, their ages and what grade in school they are in.

If the denial is vehement and the girl starts avoiding the boy, then he gets the message that his desire to pursue her is hopeless.

However, if the girl 'encourages' her suitor (either by being nice to him or not getting angry with the 'teasers'), then the man can court in earnest and the (bridge)--anyone who is a mutual friend of him and the girl he loves--who then conveys to the girl his affection for her.

It is also a way of 'testing the waters' so to speak.

Filipinos are a very hospitable and friendly people. If meeting someone for the first time, it would be good to smile at the person before you even start a conversation.

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Pilipino, which is largely-based on Tagalog, is the national language. The medium of instruction in most school is English.

Media is mostly in Tagalog and English so it is not surprising that most Filipinos can speak English.

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